How To Disable Disk Write Caching on Dell Servers

Dell ships all servers with disk write caching turned on. Microsoft Strongly suggests disabling disk write caching on all servers.

To do so:

1. Open Dell OpenManage Server Administrator
2. Navigate to System/Storage/PERC 6/Virtual Disks
3. Next to each Virtual Disk click the dropdown that says “Available Tasks” and select “Change Policy”
4. Click Execute
5. Change the Write Policy from Write Back to Write Through

To verify it is changed, perform the following check:
1. Right click on My Computer and click on Manage
2. Select Device Manager
3. Expand Disk drives
4. Right click the DELL PERC 6. . . and select Properties
5. Select the Policies tab
6. Make sure the Enable write caching on the disk is not checked (if you unselect this without changing the policy in Dell OpenManage the checkbox will be re-checked immediately after closing the dialog box)