Event 2019 “The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty”


System and applications slow-down and then hang indefinitely
Authentication errors
Unable to logon or logoff
Eventual loss of network connectivity
Many errors in the event log, seemingly random and mis-leading
Pop-up errors complaining of “insufficient space” or “insufficient resources”…
A reboot fixes it temporarily, but then the issue happens again after a few hours, or sometimes days.
**If you happen to have task manager running during the issue, CPU and Memory look normal, and the system drive has plenty of free space.


Even though symptoms appear to point to other things such as authentication errors, registry I/O errors, or even disk performance counter errors, the root cause is something completely different. In all of the cases I’ve looked at, the issue turned out to be a faulty driver that was slowly consuming all of the nonpaged pool in kernel memory. This article explains how to find which driver/process is consuming the kernel memory:


Important tools to have installed when troubleshooting this issue:
- Poolmon.exe (included with the Support Tools, the article explains where to get this)
- Process Explorer from Sysinternals
- Windows Debugging Tools