How to Create Limited Ability Citrix Administrators

To create users that have restricted permissions in the Citrix Management Console:

Open Citrix Management Console
Right click the option Metaframe Administrators in the left plane and choose the option Add Metaframe Administrator. Select the groups you would to add to the Citrix Management Console out of Active Directory

Assign permissions to the added groups. There are three options available:

View Only: Selecting this option allows the added groups to view all configuration options within the Citrix Management Console, but they cannot change anything.

Full Administration: this option gives the selected user or group all the administrator rights available within the Citrix Management Console.

Custom: With this option you can specify the options and rights the user group will be assigned. This should be the option selected for limited access users.

Once the user or group is created, you can right click to set properties for the user or group.

For users or groups with Custom rights, every item in the left pane of the Citrix Management Console permission can be granted or denied by checking a box to gran permission or uncheck to deny.

addtitional reference:
How to control the actions that can be carried out by using the delegation model within the Citrix Management Console. -