How to set up Room or Resource Scheduling in Outlook

Create a new mailbox for the room or resource in Exchange

login to a workstation with the new user login for the resource (such as ROOM.CONFERENCE)

configure outlook for this user account.
Open Outlook and go to the TOOLS menu
Click on Options
Click on Calendar Options
click on the Resource Scheduling button near the bottom

Check the box "Automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations"
Check the box "Automatically decline conflicting meeting requests"

Click Set Permissions button
Add users who will be allowed to schedule this resource and set to at least Author Permission level
click OK

click OK until all Outlook windows have closed

Logout of the resource account. The resource is now set up for automatically direct booking by users.

To Direct Book a meeting with the resource:
Click your Calendar.
On the Actions menu, click Plan A Meeting.
In the Plan A Meeting dialog box, click Invite Others.
In the "Type name or Select from List" box, type the name of the person or resource you want at the meeting.
Click OK, and then use the scroll bars to view the free/busy time for invitees.
Click a time when all invitees are available.
Enter the Resource or Room in the Resource area.
Click Make Meeting.