Free Tool to Uninstall Every Version of a Citrix ICA Client

A free tool from Gourami called UNICA will uninstall every version of Citrix ICA Client from Windows 2000 and XP systems and will then open a command prompt for installing a new Citrix Client.

UNICA is tested and is known to uninstall ICA client versions from 4.0 till 11.0, on both Windows 2000 workstation and Windows XP.

To use it:

unica [commandline for unatended install for new ica client],[optional: custom message]

For example:

unica msiexec /i "\\dc01\netlogon\ica\ica.msi","Updating your ICA client"

Where \\dc01\netlogon\ica\ica.msi is a custom build installer package of your new ICA client version made with an administrative installation. (msiexec /a)

More info and download available at: