Resolving Event ID 8032 Source Browser

This event ID presents several different detail messages.
For example:
The browser service has failed to retrieve the backup list too many times on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{DC044D29-6FAB-439B-BC35-91DC555D980E}. The backup browser is stopping.

This and other errors recorded under Event ID 8032 can occur when there are issues on the network determining Master Browser Election. These errors will appear on member servers but not on the Domain Controller(s).

Manually set a domain controller as the Master Browser.
Open Regedit on Domain Controller and locate Registry key
IsDomainMaster parameter information:
When set to 1, this parameter provides a priority boost to increase its likely hood of winning a master browser election. It does not allow the browse server to become the domain master browser. This value is a boolean value and can be any of the following: Yes/No, True/False, or 1/0.
When set to NO, the server is not a browse server.
When set to YES, the server becomes a browse server.
When set to AUTO, the server becomes a browse master if the master browser asks it do so.

Additional info: