How to Resolve Event ID 8317 Source MSSQL

Type: Error
Event: 8317
Agent Time: xxx
Event Time: xxx
Source: MSSQL$instancename
Category: Server
Username: N/A
Computer: xxx
Description: Cannot query value 'First Counter' associated with registry key 'HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSSQL$BKUPEXEC\Performance'. SQL Server performance counters are disabled.

This error can be the result of changing the service account of sql server to an account other than the account it was originally installed with.

The following rights need to be added to the new account via Local security Policy:

Log on as Service

Log on as a batch job

Locks pages in memory

Act as part of the operating system

Bypass traverse checking

Replace a process level token

Also, ensure the sql server service account has read permission to registry key hklm\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\perflib

And ensure that the remote registry service is started.