How to Tether Your Laptop to a Windows Mobile Cell Phone

Connect your windows mobile cell phone to your notebook pc with the USB cable that came with the phone.

On you cell phone, click start and find the Accessories folder and open it
Look for an icon that is labelled Modem Link or Internet Sharing (depending on your carrier) and click on it.

(If your phone doesn't show an icon for Modem Link or Internet Sharing, you'll need to look into an application for your phone called pdanet).

Connection should show USB (some carriers also give you the bluetooth option) at the bottom of the window click either Connect or Activate (which ever is shown).

On the notebook pc, you should see a device found notification balloon and then internet sharing device connected. You will then see on the phone where is shows Status - it will show Connected.

You will now be able to navigate the internet on your notebook. When you are done using the connection, be sure to select disconnect (or deactivate) on the phone as tethering can interrupt activesync downloading email to your phone.

Check with your carrier for any charges they will apply for tethering before using.