Silence Notifications with Exceptions on the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Blocking Mode

Want to work uninterrupted or be able to set silent hours for your phone but allow family to call so you do not miss important calls?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has this functionality built-in!

To Configure, go to Blocking Mode utility set up:

  • Settings
  • My Device
  • Blocking Mode

Under Features, select notifications to block by checking the box next to the notifications

Disable incoming calls – the phone won’t ring or vibrate when someone calls
Disable notifications – keeps the phone from making a notification sounds or vibrating when email arrives or an appointment begins among other things
Disable alarm and timer – keeps the alarm or timer a user previously set from making noise
Disable LED indicator – stops the LED on the front top left from flashing during notifications

Under Set Time, select a time period or always (and toggle on/off)

Set Start and Stop Time for when the phone will automatically start and stop Blocking mode at the set times
Select always to turn it on manually and keep it on until it is turned off manually

Under Allowed Contacts, select who can call, text, email while blocking is enabled

None – no contacts are exempt from blocking
All contacts – all contacts will be exempt from blocking
Favorites – only contacts added to the Contact's Favorites lists will be exempt from blocking (Set Favorites by going into the Contacts and opening a Contact. Tap the star in the upper right corner to add them to the Favorites list.)
Custom – select contact entries to exempt from blocking