How to Create a Silent Install for SAS 9.3

Determine your system’s requirements:

  • Start a manual installation of your software. Navigate to the root directory of the SAS Software Depot and double-click setup.exe.
  • Select the SAS product mix of SAS® Foundation, client, and other SAS products that you plan to install across the enterprise.
  • Proceed through the SAS® Deployment Wizard to the Deployment Summary page and stop here. Do not complete the manual installation.
  • Construct the commands for each identified system requirement from the table below:

Record a response file:
command line syntax: 
"path-to-depot\setup.exe" -record -responsefile "path-to-response-file\"

Create an command line install utilizing the response file to perform the silent install:
Command line syntax:
"path-to-depot\setup.exe" -quiet -nomsupdate -silentstatus -responsefile "path-to-response-file\"