Dell BIOS Updates Using SCCM Configuration Manager

1. Download the BIOS update for the machine/model required

for example: Dell Latitude E7450


Switch settings for silent deployment are:
NOPAUSE – Run without user prompts
NOREBOOT – Does not reboot the system when flashing is completed (we don't want the user to experience an unannounced reboot

2. Create an application package for the BIOS update and set the program to run the executable with the following switches:


3. Download the Dell CCTK (Client Configuration Toolkit)

4. Create an application package for the CCTK

5. Create a Custom Task Sequence to Perform the BIOS Update silently

Verify the machine and model 

Copy the CCTK file to the local machine using the package previously prepared

Clear the BIOS Password utilizing the CCTK 

note: valsetuppwd= whatever your current BIOS password is

Apply the BIOS Update

Set the BIOS Password using the CCTK

note: valsetuppwd= whatever your want the BIOS password set as

Suspend Bitlocker

Reboot With User Notification and Count Down

Resume Bitlocker

6. Distribute and deploy the task sequence to the appropriate Device Collection