After Upgrading to Microsoft Config Manager 1806, PXE Booting Failures Were Encountered


After upgrading to Microsoft Config Manager 1806, PXE booting failures were encountered.

Machines fail to PXE boot or machines PXE boot and then reboot at Loading Network Settings

Review of smsts.log file on the SCCM Distribution Point found error "Task Sequence environment is not initialized"


Complete every task it the following list in exact order:

Remove Boot images from Distribution Point by unchecking "distribute from PXE DP" under the dp roles properties in Config Manager Console. Wait for the removal to complete by monitoring distmgr.log

Delete boot images from the console. Confirm they are gone using the content library explorer tool in the 2012r2 toolkit.

Remove the PXE service by unchecking the PXE options under the Distribution Point properties in Config Manager Console. WDS should uninstall automatically. Monitor distmgr.log for completion. Confirm WDS uninstalled via Add/remove server rules wizard on each Distribution Point, it will be available for install if it was removed properly.

If the remote install folder still exists on the Distribution Point, delete it and empty C:\Windows\Temp folder 

Reboot each Distribution Point

Uninstall all versions of ADK from the Site Server

Reboot the Site Server

Download and install the ADK version 1809

Reboot Site Server

Add PXE service in the Distribution Point properties in Config Manager Console. Wait for WDS to install, monitor distmgr.log.

Log on to each Distribution Point and verify the remote install folder/share successfully rebuilt automatically.

Reboot each Distribution Point

Run the ADK command line tool on the Site Server, CopyPE, to export new boot image media for both x64 & x86.

In the Config Manager console, create new boot images from the media you just exported. Enable F8 support and a background if desired. Do not add any drivers.

Distribute the new boot images to the Distribution Point, make sure the "distribute from the pxe dp" box is checked under the data source tab in the boot image properties. Review other boxes in that tab.

Note and then delete the deployments for the imaging task sequence.

Add the new boot images to the imaging task sequence – right click the Task Sequence and check the box “use a boot image” and specify name and location of boot image.

Redeploy your task sequences as noted above. (NOTE: under deployment settings, select make available to only media and PXE)

Test PXE. Most machine models should boot and execute the Task Sequence now. Some models may need additional drivers.

If additional drivers are needed to be added to the boot images add one at a time to each boot image, redistribute & test each driver. Some drivers may cause PXE to hang or reboot as soon as the boot image loaded.