SCCM MECM Configuration Manager: Troubleshooting Windows Update Deployments (WSUS) - Clients Not Showing Progress and Clients With Unknown Status

 When reviewing Windows Update Deployments in Configuration Manager Monitoring - Deployments, administrator discovers numerous clients showing unknown status and complaint status is not incrementing.


Start by utilizing the built in tools in the Configuration Manager Reporting:

  1. Navigate to Monitoring - Reporting - Reports
  2. Expand "Software Updates - E Troubleshooting"
  3. run the report "Troubleshooting 1 - Scan Errors"
  4. run the report "Troubleshooting 2 - Deployment Errors"
  5. run the report "Troubleshooting 3 - Computers Failing With Specific Scan Error"
  6. run the report "Troubleshooting 3 - Computers Failing With Specific Deployment Error"
  7. Review the reports

Possible Errors Found:

Error Code -2145107934 Hex Error Code 80244022 "Same as HTTP Status 503 - the service is temporarily overloaded"


Error Code -2145107940 Hex Error Code 8024401C "Same as HTTP status 408 - the server timed out waiting for the request"

these errors indicate a possible issue with the WSUS IIS Application Pool.


Review the WSUS IIS Application Pool in II Manager
If it is stopped, this may indicate the service is crashing due to lack of adequate resources and may need to be optimized.

  1. Restart the WSUSPOOL in IIS Manager
  2. Optimize the Service:
  3. IIS Manager > Application Pools > WsusPool > Advanced Settings 
  4. make the following changes to the settings for the WSUSPool:
Queue Length: 2000 (default 1000)
Idle Time-out (minutes): 0 ( default 20)
Ping Enabled: False (default True)
Private Memory Limit (KB): 0 (unlimited) (default 1,843,200 KB)
Regular Time Interval (minutes): 0 (to prevent a recycle) (default 1740)

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