Microsoft Word Run-time error '4248':This command is not available because no document is open.

Microsoft KB articles all discuss how to modify the VBScript involved, however in some instances this error is generated when there is no VBScript connected. In those cases, this error is generated due to a ADD-IN from a third party software vendor (ACT, Goldmine, etc) which is outdated. Typically the ADD-IN was compatible with Word 2003 and the related software or add-in has not been updated since deploying Word 2007.

To resolve:
Open Word
Click the Word Icon in the Ball in the upper left corner
Click Word Options at the bottom of the window
click Add-Ins in the left pane
disable Add-Ins one at a time and then test the document where you encounter the error
You should be able to determine the add-in causing the error message and then either delete or disable it until a replacement can be located.