How to Back up Virtual Machines using Vmware Consolidated Backup

Open up command prompt and navigate to the installation directory. (Default: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Consolidated Backup Framework)

There are 2 ways to backup a vm image to disk:

Option 1.
vcbmounter -h -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -a -r d:\BACKUPDIRECTORY -t fullvm -m nbd
(username and password are the domain admin accounts)

Option 2.
First get a list of the vmmachines with this command at command prompt
vcbvmname -h -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -s any
Backup machines with this command
vcbmounter.exe -h -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -a moref:(MOREF found from list) -r d:\BACKUPDIRECTORY -t fullvm -m nbd