Citrix Error Event ID 1106 Printer Management


Event Type: Error
Event Source: MetaFrameEvents
Event Category: Printer Management
Event ID: 1106
Date: xxx
Time: xxx
User: N/A
Computer: Citrix-server-name
Client printer auto-creation failed. The driver could not be installed. Possible reasons for the failure: The driver is not in the list of drivers on the server. The driver cannot be located. The driver has not been mapped. Client name: (WI_xxx) Printer: (printer-name on domain-controller-name (from WI_xxxx) in session x) Printer driver: (printer driver name)


Go to the following registry key:


Add the following:
Value Name: DisableError
Type: DWORDValue: 1

Then, from Hotfix MPSE300W2K3017 (included in Hotfix Rollup Pack 03):

If the DisableError registry value was turned to ON and client printer auto-creation fails with the native printer driver but succeeds with UPD, Event ID 1106 was logged in the event log. This occurred because the registry value was not checked.

This hotfix ensures that the registry value is checked so that EventID 1106 will not be logged.

Note: MetaFrame XP Service Pack 4 and Presentation Server 4.0 include this fix.


For versions Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 and later:

Go to the following registry key:


Note: Create the "Print" subkey if necessary Add the following (if necessary):

Value Name: DefaultPrnFlags
Value: 0x08000000.
Note: "Value" is a bit field so merge the 0x08000000 value with existing values if necessary