Microsoft PowerPoint Truncates Address Information Following the # or Hash Mark in Hyperlinks When Saving

When inserting a link containing a # or hash mark (i.e: into a PowerPoint presentation, a problem is encountered in  Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 if the file is saved as PPTX/PPSX/PPTM format.
The link works when testing it, but after saving and reopened the file, the link no longer works. Inspection reveals that PowerPoint has truncated the hash mark (#) and everything beyond it. Replacing the hash mark (#) with %23 does not resolve the issue as PowerPoint retains the link when reopening the file until the next save and then truncates the address information again.


Save the file as PPT (97-2003) format instead of PPTX/PPSX/PPTM. The older format does not truncate the link.