Reset Admin Password on a Citrix License Appliance

Log in with root
Type “find / -name server.xml”
 This lists the server.xml files on the license server

Type “vi /opt/citrix/licensing/LS/conf/server.xml 
This puts you into edit mode on the license appliance's xml file
Press the down arrown until you find the Administrator user line as seen below

Press the “i” key – this will put you in insert mode
Arrow right until you are the very end of the field labeled password=””
Delete the encoded password and type your temporary password.  This case I put the password as “test”
Press esc
Hold the shift key and press Z twice to save the file.
Reboot your license appliance.
Log into the dashboard with your admin user and the password you supplied.

*I have only done this on a dev box and not in production.  Edit production boxes at your own risk.
-David Rowe