How to Map a SharePoint Drive on Windows 7

How to Map a SharePoint Drive on Windows 7

Browse to the document library in Sharepoint

Open the library in Windows Explorer on the “Library” tab

Click “Open with Explorer” button which will launch Explorer on your machine. (You may be prompted for your user name and password before this happens, but once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the folder)

Click the address bar will show the actual URL for the library (hit ctrl-C or right click and choose copy to save it to the clipboard)

Click on your computer icon in the Navigation pane, which will add the “Map Network Drive” to the menu

Click the “Map network drive” or right click and choose it from the menu

Click the hyperlink to connect to a web drive

Click next to start the wizard

Use “choose a custom network location” and click Next

Enter or paste the URL from the document library you found above and click Next

Give it a name you’ll recognize (defaults to the server name) and click Next

The Sharepoint web folder has been mapped